35 Beautiful Animals With Completely Unique Markings

If you generally look at animals as our indistinct companions on this planet who all look like one another, you couldn’t be more wrong. Would you agree with an extraterrestrial being from another galaxy if they told you all people looked the same? Of course you wouldn’t, and it’s the same with our furry little friends. If you had the relative misfortune to have had a pretty uniform experience when it comes to animals so far, the following thirty-five photos of some of the most interesting markings to have appeared on fur since the beginning of time are bound to change your perception.

1. Owner of a lovely heart

2. Patterning malfunction

3. A cat within a cat

4. Why be a bear when you can be Bat-Bear

5. A classy little gentleman

6. Two-Face

7. Just in case you needed a reminder of who you are supposed to love

8. The cutest cow in the world.

9. Markings of preciousness

10. They ran out of ink on this one

11. A dog within a dog!

12. Look at this tiny panda! Wait a second…

13. A flowered face

14. One cow, three faces

15. The most stylish penguin ever

16. If Eugene Levy was a dog

17. Don’t you want to kiss that little nose?

18. A goat is ready for Halloween

19. It looks like two dogs got spliced together

20. Why so sad little buddy?

21. What might just be the cutest butt around

22. The picture responsible for numerous bacon-eaters converting to vegetarianism

23. Two hearts are better than one

24. Dog-Tiger, or a Tiger-Dog?

25. The cutest little mustache!

26. The Magnificent 7

27. A stunning work of beauty

28. Don’t you want this puppy?

29. This dog was brought to by Disney

30. A horse within a pony

31. I am seeing spots

32. The Cow-Riddler

33. A cat that has a self-portrait on its side

34. Chin scratches well appreciated

35. Just in case you forgot what he was, it’s spelled out for you

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