They Were On A Boat… Then They Saw This Flying OUT Of The Water.

As far as fish go, carp are basically the most non-threatening of the bunch.

They’re large, slow bottom-feeders, and most of the time, it’s just fun to watch them fight over pieces of bread that you throw into the water.

In other words, there’s no such thing as a threatening carp.

However, there’s just something about large groups of them that makes them feel slightly…terrifying.

Here’s the story from the guy who posted this video:

My brother, nephews and a friend go “fishing” down a small drainage ditch sometime during the summer of ’10 near the flooded Spoon River in West Central Illinois, USA. Upon their return home, they counted 70+ 5-10lb. Asian Carp that had landed in the boat.

And no, they didn’t “land in the boat” because these guys were fishing for them. So, what actually happened? You need to see it for yourself.


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