He Started Digging A Hole In His Garden… Now His Neighbors Are Jealous.

Just about everyone loves pizza. Home made pizza or the store bought just don’t have the same taste as the restaurant style. Probably because it is not made by a clay oven. But for the die hard Italian pie lovers, they will go to any length to replicate the delicious meal.

Here are the steps one Reddit user took to make his own oven. The great thing about this DIY is that the meal options are unlimited. It is making us all wish we had this user as our neighbor, at least until we build our own oven.

The first step is to start digging.

Even the neighborhood ducklings are looking forward to the new oven but more than likely thinking this will eventually become a pool.

The concrete base with steel rebars is necessary to support the weight of the oven. At the outset, the entire contraption will weight over three tonnes.

Once the foundation is done, let it dry for a day or two.

Now begins the task of laying concrete blocks.

The blocks are dry stacked, meaning no mortar is required.

Fill every other core with concrete. This will ensure the whole thing locks into place.

Make sure your work is level. Last thing you want is for the oven to be lopsided.

After laying five rows of blocks, it’s time to add the top frame.

Pour and smooth out more concrete.

Cut bricks in half for the top part of the oven.

Ensure each brick cut is as close to a square shape as possible.

Heat proof tiles, glued with a the heat pad in the middle, will create the cooking surface and surrounding table top.

Now comes the neat part of building the archway opening of the oven.

Make a dome with pumice sand and start covering it with square bricks.

Remove the sand once all the blocks are mixed with cement and the structure is dry.

Temporary steps until the deck leading to the oven are built.

Now comes the most important step; making sure the oven works!

Start a fire inside the oven. It will heat up quickly.

Surprisingly, pizza was not the first meal cooked.

Finally, time to cook a pizza pie but the temperature is only 636 °F. Need it to be at 800 °F.

The family cat loves the warmth from the oven but given the insulation, the surface is not blistering hot.

Pizza is almost ready. Many pizzas have been made since. This picture is making my mouth water!

Source: reddit


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