19 Photos That Will Absolutely Positively Make Your Day






#1. This cat who was found by its owner sleeping in a pot plant

#2. This beautiful fish, called a ‘sea robin’

#3. This little girl in Mongolia, sharing a happy moment with her camel

#4. These dogs that are also part-time superheroes

#5. These titi monkeys that mate for life and sit with their tails entwined

#6. This brilliant man who saved a tiny deer from a swift rapid while kayaking

#7. This dog that likes to sleep and cool off with his belly up towards the A/C

#8. This walrus’ reaction after being presented with a fish cake for its birthday

#9. These baby twins that were holding hands right after they were born

#10. This giraffe that loves his human very, very much

#11. These baby otters that are quietly snoozing over a towel

#12. These baby twins that have the most adorable pair of clothes

#13. This funny moment when a little girl with a beautiful heart embraced a fish her father had just caught… hope she wasn’t too sad after finding out it was for dinner!

#14. This baby delighting in the company of his best friend

#15. This moment that shows family can come in all shapes and sizes

#16. This baby horse that just can’t live without his teddy bear

#17. These two girls that don’t know each other, but were holding hands in the waiting line

#18. These best buddies that always fall asleep together

#19. This moment that captures the true unrelenting love of a mother towards her child


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