How To Stretch Your Shoes With Ice

Did you ever have the experience that you’ve found your favorite shoes at a good price but they are just a little bit too tight?

Don’t be frustrated! You can still buy and wear them because they will stretch out and become perfect fits after you wear them for some time.

But wearing those tight shoes for the first few days will be painful and end up with blisters.

Luckily, there are many ingenious ways to stretch your shoes with common household items you already have.

In this tutorial, YouTuber Michelle Phan is going to demonstrate how to stretch your shoes with ice.

All you need is some water and two plastic sandwich bags.

This is such a fast and easy shoe stretching trick!

Freezing your tight shoes will help to stretch them a 1/2 size larger and give your feet a little more breathing room.

Follow the video and watch all the detailed step by step instructions. Enjoy!

Please share this useful fashion tip with your friends and family!


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