What does the shape of your feet tell you about your personality?

We’ve all probably had our palms read at some point in our lives.

It’s great fun, and for me at least, it has provided a surprising amount of insight into my life and personality.

But what I didn’t know is that the shape of our feet might also reveal something about our personalities.

It might sound unlikely, but the reflexologist Jane Sheehan is convinced that just by looking at someone’s feet, you can find out alot about their personality.

I haven’t looked at enough of my friends’ feet yet to tell you if the theory is definitely true. But at least for me, the result was spot on – and plus, it was a lot of fun to read.

Check out the four personality types (labeled A, B, C, and D to keep it simple) below, and don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends to see if it rings true for them, too.

Personality A

This foot shape is called the “Roman foot.” Here the big toe and the middle toes are about the same length and the last two toes are shorter. What this foot shape says about you:

  • You’re outgoing, sociable, and charismatic.
  • You hate sitting still for long periods of time.
  • You’re adventurous and love to travel and discover new cultures.
  • You’re eccentric and enjoy being the center of attention.
  • You’re successful in your career.
  • You’re passionate in your love life.

Personality B

This foot shape is called the “square foot.” Here, all of the toes are basically the same length. What this foot shape says about you:

  • You’re reserved and silent.
  • You’re wise and sensible, especially when it comes to difficult decisions.
  • You’re rarely controlled by your emotions.
  • You’re reliable and always there when your friends need you.
  • You’re a practical person.
  • You like when it’s things are in order.

Personality C

This foot shape is called the “Greek foot.” Here the second toe is longer than the big toe. What this foot shape says about you:

  • You’re optimistic.
  • You’re enthusiastic and driven.
  • You’re resistant to stress.
  • You’re a helpful person.
  • You have strong leadership skills and are a natural leader.
  • You’re active, sporty, and creative.

Personality D

This foot shape is called the “stretched foot.” The big toe is the longest and then each toe is shorter than the last down to the pinky toe. What this foot shape says about you:

  • You’re great at keeping secrets.
  • You value personal integrity.
  • You’re impulsive.
  • You often have mood swings, which can cause conflicts.
  • You love to be cozy and to be pampered by your partner.
  • You’re passionate.

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