Can you see the woman hiding in the picture?

Optical illusions have for the longest time fascinated mankind.

Our eyes really have the potential to play tricks on us at times.

The fact that we sometimes see things that are actually not there or are unable to see things which might be right in front of us is truly astonishing.

A sharp eye and even a high IQ can come in handy when trying to figure out this painting. That’s because the artist has hidden his models in a very clever way.

The name of the artist is Jörg Düsterwald, a German painter who specialises in body paintings.

In a technique which can be compared to camouflaging, Jörg paints the models to perfectly blend into their environment, making it very difficult to know what is real and what is painted.

Can you see the woman in this picture?

If you were not able to see any woman don’t worry you’re not the only one, here she is:

This image has been spreading like wildfire over the internet, with thousands intrigued to take up the challenge to locate the woman in the picture.

I have to admit I had to look carefully a few times before I found her!

Apparently, the higher the IQ the quicker you find her, but I’m not completely sure that’s true as most of the people I’ve shown the picture to couldn’t see her until I showed the second picture.

Please share the picture with all your friends to see if they can see the woman.


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