Mom Catches Her 16-Year-Old Daughter In Bed With A Boy, Then Does Something UNBELIEVABLE!

Teenage love is intense and exciting. You are not a child anymore nor an adult either. Nonetheless, when teens are in love, they spend every possible moment with their boyfriend or girlfriend. For their part, parents lay out the ground rules when it comes to dating.

Whether it’s abstinence, or waiting until a certain age to engage in a sexual relationship, this is something that needs to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Nonetheless, sometimes parents assume saying no to everything is the only answer when it comes to dealing with their teens.

But what happens when a teen disobeys a parent when it comes to sex? Is it the daughter or son at fault or does the adult automatically place blame on the boyfriend or girlfriend? One would assume that a mom or dad finding their teenager in bed with someone is reason enough to get upset. Screaming may be justified but violence is definitely taking it too far.

It has never been easy raising teens. They feel they are old enough to make decisions on their own.

Thinking about consequences is not necessarily in their minds all the time.

Parents of course worry about drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, and sex.

Ideally, most parents would love it if their teens waited until they were much older before having intercourse. Despite having lectures on the subject, at the end of the day teens will have to make their own decisions.

Plus, who doesn’t remember being a teenager in love?

That first real love is intense, sweet, and incredibly romantic.

With all the pressures that come with being a teen, being in love makes the world a happier place.

Whether it’s skipping school or an extra-curricular activity to kiss or make-out is a rite of passage.

It feels like you are the only two people in the world who have ever experienced this one in a lifetime love.

As adults we can look back and smile or cringe at our first love. We were teens once, we know the feeling of just wanting to be with that person every second of the day.

Let’s not forget the role hormones play in a teen’s life.

Sex is everywhere they go; movies, TV show, music videos, and magazines. It’s hard enough that they are horny, for teens, it feels like the whole world is having sex except them.

What can start as playful wrestling or even cuddling can escalate quickly.

And teens know when parents are not going to be home to fool around.

Two 16-year-olds in Mesa, Arizona, were at home alone.

The two had consensual sex in the girlfriend’s room.

They lost track of time and just stayed in bed together. The couple fell asleep afterwards.

They had no idea what was about to happen.

Their parents knew they were dating and hung out together all the time.

The teens acted on impulse and did not think of the consequences of their actions.

Around 1a.m. the teenage girl’s mom walked into her daughter’s bedroom.

She was furious as she realized that her daughter had sex in her house. The woman got on top of the teenage boy and began punching him and slapping him. He awoke to this violence. She kept hitting him so hard in the face but also in his stomach that the boy urinated on himself.

This was not the first time the mom had lost her cool and resorted to violence.

The woman had taken out a metal baton against a 17-year-old three years earlier. The assault charge was dropped in exchange for pleading guilty to intimidation.

The teenager only had a chance to put on his jeans before he threw up and ran for safety.

The woman took out a bat from the house and ran after him. When she realized she was not going to be able to catch him she told him she would get her cousins to finish him off.

The angry mother took the bat to damage and almost destroy the car.

The teen’s family say there were things stolen from the car and the estimated damage is $5,300.

Jeanette Woods alleges she thought it was an older man in her daughter’s room.

She has been charged with felony criminal damage, felony car theft, and misdemeanor assault. This woman may not realize she physically assaulted the teenager but she also psychologically damaged him and her daughter in the process.

Source: ABC


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