12 People Who Just Can’t Accept The Truth

The truth is sometimes so hard to say out loud, especially to the people who are dearest to you. They will ask questions such as: “Does this look good on me?” and you have to be honest, but you can’t. Telling the truth is the best option, but it’s a hard thing to do. Also, there are folks who simply can’t bear it, so they decide to ignore it instead. Here is a compilation made by Diply about people who can’t accept the truth.

1. The truth and nothing but the truth

It’s not so hard not to erase the board, but writing this message is powerful.

2. When Josh stays up all night playing video games

Josh, your writing is almost as bad as a doctor’s!

3. Don’t you just wish that this duck was a king for real?

This is one lucky duck!

4. All answers are given, you just need to look for them!

If you think leaving your dog’s urine in an elevator is ok, you need to be taught a lesson.

5. Doesn’t “mixed signals” remind you of being friend-zoned?

Not a good sign, at all!

6. When somebody gives you this book

You may need some personal help, but it’s not that bad… Realizing the truth is the first step.

7. Is this teacher emotionally damaged or the students are a real pain?

We’ve all been emotionally damaged, but using it against your students? Not a smart thing to do.

8. Flowers will probably never look like dogs, but thanks for the effort!

No, thanks!

9. Did you know that people can still see the other half of your car?

10. The truth is that he looks so much like the King of Pop!

Regardless of your jealousy, ladies… Best impersonator ever!

11. Isn’t this hilarious?

How did they come up with the name?

12. It’s not so secret anymore

Source: diply


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