10+ Images That Need To Be Looked At Several Times, If We’re Honest

Time to segway into this straight away. Yes, it’s that time of the week where you get to look at really strange photos that will make you look at them several times to understand what’s going on.

You already know how this goes, let’s jump into the gallery compiled by Diply.

1. The car is flipped over…

…or is it? Look closely…

2. The water is so dirty that it looks like he’s floating!

Forget Jesus walking on water, this is next level.

3. When did Kevin Durant age so rapidly?

4. He should build a wall because it’s rude to look at women while they’re in the shower

5. Took me a while to understand the gag

6. After looking at this a second time I’m going to assume they’re painted

7. Can you tell the difference?

8. Who designed this dress?

Did they have even the slightest bit of common sense when they did this?

9. Forest pattern on this butter knife

10. Is it a cartoon or is it an actual bag?

11. He’s got quite a strong back

He doesn’t seem happy about his situation though.

12. Pretty freaking symmetrical

13. How are these potatoes?

Nope. I have to convince myself that they’re not sausages. But they are.

14. A mythological creature that no one has ever heard of has come to visit you!

15. This guy’s car probably doesn’t even have a front seat

From: diply


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