15+ Things Americans Do That Are Actually Super Weird

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an American, here are 19 things that are totally weird about the country of stripes and stars. And while this stuff confuses the rest of the world, they are probably unaware there is so much more to learn that is far from ordinary about America and American habits.

Never a dull moment for us, non-American people! Enjoy this trip to Wonderland and never stop asking yourself: Can it get weirder? Because this list proves it can.

Naturally, different parts of the world do things a little differently and it’s totally normal.

1. Blasting the air conditioning to the maximum.

We do get it’s hot and necessary, but do you really need to go from sweating like crazy to needing a winter jacket? Foreigners are all freezing, people!

2. Americans do love their commercials.

Is it really necessary to have so many commercial breaks for an episode that’s only 40-minutes? It kills all the fun.

3. The huge gap in the bathroom doors is totally weird.

Instead of putting “occupied”, they just made the gap massive.

4. Sensitive teeth probably don’t exist in America.

Restaurants love filling up their water with tons of ice. Ice cubes to the brim!

5. Their french bread looks more like a loaf of bread on steroids.

This makes French people stare in wonder.

6. Oreos is just too mainstream.

And strange, too! So many flavors!

7. Americans have their flags literally on anything they can put a flag on.

So proud to be American!

8. Not having tax included in the price tag is not a great thing when you finally check out.

You will end up with a huge surprise.

9. Laws changing from state to state can create a lot of confusion.

I mean, in one state you can make a right on a red light, but in another it’s illegal. Good luck driving!

10. Seeing an ad for a doctor or a lawyer on the subway.

11. American highways are huge and a little more confusing.

12. The American unit system is so unnecessary and confusing!

Why not use the Celsius scale and metric system like everyone else on this planet?

13. The ads for prescribed drugs are two seconds of commercial and the rest is talking about the dramatic side effects.

14. American waiters ask if everything is okay every two minutes.

Some find it welcoming, while others just find it a bit annoying.

15. In America, when you’re at the pharmacy, you can also fill up on beer and cigarettes.

It’s a strange world!

16. American cars are huge.

Source: Providr


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