10+ Pregnancy Hacks That Make Life Smoother

You are expecting a tiny little human that’s going to come out of you. If that isn’t impressive, what else can you ask for? Just in case you are freaking out over what to do and how to prepare, let me tell you, you can’t really prepare. No one could possibly know what it means to hold your little one and take care of them. But, luckily, we have a plan for you to prepare for your pregnancy, and make it smoother. Here are some pregnancy hacks that will make your life easier for the next few months.

1. The grabber thing isn’t only for the elderly

Accept your new size and lack of mobility with this handy little grabber. It’s a good idea if you give it a name, because they will be your best friend, after all.

2. DIY while you wait

You’ve got nine months and a belly that will keep on growing. Grab an old tank top and cut the bottom of it off so that you can use it to cover the space between your pants and your top.

3. You might qualify in your state

Some places have parking spots for mothers-to-be, but they are still a new concept. However, most establishments have designated handicapped parking spots. In some states, you can apply as a pregnant lady to make you eligible to park in these spots.

4. Don’t buy new bras every five minutes

You’re going to feel changes, and that means that your breasts will become huge. But, don’t worry, you don’t need a new bra every month! You’re probably good with a hack like this one. Just take the clasps off of one bra and attach them to the other.

5. Get a tube

If you’ve always slept on your side, good for you, but if you like tummy time, you’re probably struggling with finding a sleeping position. Your solution comes in the form of a donut, but not the real one, sadly. Simply dress an inner tube with your favorite blanket and enjoy the best sleep of your pregnancy.

6. Turn your bra into a brrrra

When pregnant, you feel like you’re cooking inside of your own skin. This little solution is a great way to cool down quickly, especially during summer!

7. Keep a notebook

People would love to help you, so use the help by keeping track of what you need done.

8. Beyond the hospital bag

There are lots of things you’re going to have to worry about when the baby comes. One of these scary things is your baby’s first cold. Pack your baby’s first aid items into a neat and organized pack.

9. Get your mommy sweats while you still have time to shop!

Don’t stay in them forever, but get the most use out of them by getting them before you need them. And very important, make sure they are big!

10. Safe words are the best idea

You may be a little different as a tiny human starts to grow inside of you, and all those hormonal changes may be totally innocent. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to tell what you’re really upset about. That’s why a safe word is a great idea! Find a word or phrase you and your partner can have in the event of an emotional moment so they know it’s not them.

11. Pee before going out

Pee before you do basically anything or go anywhere.

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12. Pack your puke pack, just in case

Some women vomit more than others, so it’s good to be prepared. While you’re already making your baby’s packs, make yourself a little pack of emergency bags, wet naps, etc. Your future self will be grateful!

13. A recliner will change your life

Yes, it’s big and takes up space, but that thing will really help with your heartburn. The angle of your body in this chair is far better than the flat bed.

14. Do all your scheduling NOW

Take a moment to book everything you’re going to need to do as soon as possible. Relax afterwards!

15. This pants trick works for pregnant bellies, too!

This is for early pregnancy, though! Rock those jeans while you still can!

16. Tape that shape

Although it looks funny, it makes a lot of sense. Sport tape is designed to hold things in place, so why not use them on your baby bump?

17. Show off

Enjoy the time you have with that lovely bump and take pictures, because it won’t be there forever!

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