Pictures Illustrate How Being Pregnant Can Look So Different

Being pregnant is one thing for one woman, and a completely different experience for another one. Therefore, one of them may feel like everything is so perfect, while the other one may experience the worst back pain. Their bodies and hormones don’t work the same. Baby bumps seem to be everywhere, especially when you get pregnant, all you see is pregnant women. But why do they look so different?

It is all due to the different genetic background, various diet as well as daily routines and activities. These dictate the way women may or may not look like while pregnant. Some start showing their bumps very early on, whereas some baby bumps only appear after the 5th month.
All the way through the three trimesters, their bodies transform as much as they should to prepare for the new living being.

Here are eight pictures showing the wonderful beauty of being pregnant:

First, this woman was 17 weeks pregnant she took the picture. As she said on her Instagram post, she was experiencing heavy round ligament pain.

Then, we have Clara. She was 22 weeks when her husband took this picture. Her baby was about the size of a small doll and had finally broken the one-pound mark!

Here is a picture of Katarina. She is a special case because she got to wear the same dress when she was 15 and 32 weeks pregnant. That is pretty rare for a woman! ‘There’s about a 20lb difference and one big active baby!’ she wrote on her Instagram post.

This woman was 33 weeks when she took this picture in her room. Her baby’ weight was similar to a head of lettuce!

This woman, on the other hand, is 35 weeks pregnant. Her baby’s weight is similar to a pineapple, according to

Next, we have Chontel Duncan, a fitness model and former Miss Universe contestant from Australia. Incredibly enough, she was 37 weeks when this picture was taken. ‘Well, well Little D, you have caused quite a commotion, you are most certainly making your entrance into this world noticeable,’ writes Duncan when she got a lot of criticism about her baby bump on Instagram.

This woman was nearing the end of her pregnancy when they took this picture. She looks beautiful, although she complained about having severe back pains on her Instagram post.

Marniclem was 4 months pregnant with twins when she took this selfie.

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