Photographer Captures People Who’ve Been Bullied For Having A Different Body To Fight Traditional Beauty Standards

Even though beauty is seen differently by everyone, there are some standards that many people chase after. Facial features, body types, eye/hair colors and textures – there are many pieces to this “beauty standard” puzzle.

Francesc Planes, a 22-year-old photographer from Spain, took it upon himself to encourage change. He started a photo series called “Normal”, in which the artist documents bodies that usually do not fit into the frames of “standard beauty”. Francesc captures people in their most vulnerable and pure state – naked.

The main idea behind this project is to celebrate the things that aren’t ‘normal’ but are beautiful and unique.

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Guille was bullied for alopecia

Jordi had his eye removed as a child due to a tumor growing behind him. Today he uses a prosthetic eye

Alba Parejo who was born with more than 500 moles and dark hairy skin all over her body

“My ex-boyfriend told me not to show my back to anyone because nobody wants to have a deformed girlfriend” Alba shared

Tess was called a ‘fatty’

These guys were bullied for their tattoos

Source: boredpanda


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