12-Year-Old Girl Has Been Dubbed ‘Little Mozart’, Thanks To Her Musical Skills

One of the most beautiful things to witness is when a young child already knows exactly where his/her talent lies and is sharing it with the world. There’s just something wondrous and pure about gifted children, and we simply cannot get enough of them.

Alma Deutscher is a 12-year-old girl who has been making waves when it comes to musical talents. The gifted musician composed her first piano sonata at the age of six and according to The Telegraph, began to read music long before she could read words.

The musician, whose genre is that of classical-romantic tradition, has often been referred to as ‘Little Mozart’ due to her music writing and piano playing skills.

It turns out, this young girl comes from a family of geniuses. Her mother holds a PhD in Old English Poetry from Cambridge, while her father is a mathematician with a PhD in linguistics from the same university. It was actually where the couple met.

Alma, who is home-schooled, practises her music at least once a day. She also has a very powerful imagination, which according to her father, could be what makes her so great with music.

About her imagination, Guy, Alma’s dad, said, “It all bubbles out like a volcano.”

The girl had once described a phenomenon she experienced when melodies appeared in her head fully formed. The task then became turning them all into the perfect opera.

Alma herself could not really explain this concept. “It’s a mystery to me also,” she said.

It turned out that her parents did not really like her being referred to as ‘Young Mozart’, saying that it might end up putting undue pressure on the young girl. In the interview with Telegraph, Guy said:

What happens if she reaches the age of 18, and she thinks, ‘Gosh, I haven’t written the Requiem and I haven’t written Don Giovanni. I haven’t written the world’s greatest masterpieces yet, I am a failure.’ It’s absurd.

Alma, in her opinion, preferred to be known by her own name as opposed to any comparisons with famous people.

In an interview with BBC in 2012, Alma’s mother, Janie Deutscher née Steen, recalls the moment her daughter fell in love with music.

At three, she heard a lullaby by Richard Strauss, and she came to us and said, ‘… how can music be so beautiful?’ She was struck by the beauty of it.

The young genius has completed four operas so far. In 2012, she created “The Sweeper of Dreams,” a story about a 16-year-old girl who had to prove she was the right person for a job after she was laughed at by the interviewers for being female.

In 2016, her second opera, “Cinderella — The Early Chamber Version,” was created. It was based on the story of Cinderella but with a musical twist. The Evil Stepmother ran an opera production company. The two stepsisters were not very talented. Cinderella, on the other hand, was a natural composer. She found a love poem, which was written by the prince, a poet, but she did not know this at the time. She set the poem to her own music. The creation was stolen by her stepsisters, and they sang it at the ball. However, Cinderella sang her melody to the prince, not knowing he was the author of the poem. After she fleed the ball at midnight, the prince searched for her, using the melody. Eventually, they found each other.

Alma created “Cinderella — The Vienna Version” in 2016. The Viennese newspaper Der Standard described Alma’s work, saying “this amazing girl, who has also written this amazingly good opera, which sparkles with original ideas.”

It was announced that “Cinderella — Full Version” will be premiered in California in December 2017.

A video of Alma playing the piano was recently featured on the 60 Minutes Facebook page, where it has been viewed over 169,000 times.

The fact that Alma is a musical genius can hardly be contested. She has already come so far despite being so young and clearly, she has more to present to the world.

12-year-old Alma Deutscher says it's normal for her to walk around "having melodies popping into my head" http://cbsn.ws/2izNYN5

Posted by 60 Minutes on Sonntag, 5. November 2017

Source: wikr


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