An Incredible Close-Up. Hot Lava Constructs New Lands Being Cooled In Water

A large volcano in Hawaii has regularly been erupting since 1983. Its name is Kilauea.

During eruption huge amounts of burning lava fall down into the ocean water near the coast line in the south of the Big Island thus creating new lands.

A Hawaiian photographer Kawika Singson has put his life at risk to film this amazing phenomenon from the closest distance possible and to demonstrate it to the other people. This scene is really dazzling!

The movie is a part of the film series which has been made by the brave operator within eight months. Due to very strong ocean waves he could not approach the lava flow in the day time.

So, he took a decision to shoot in the evening at dawn when the waters are more or less quiet. Otherwise, he could easily get right under the hot substance that is absolutely deadly.

The courageous photographer has filmed how the red lava enters the ocean, cools down in the water and forms new lands by getting solid.

Natural phenomena may be so fascinating and full of secrets that we, people, just may watch and wonder. Please, share this stunning video with your friends.


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