20+ People Who Got Hit By The Karma Train

Who doesn’t love seeing karma in action?

That moment when somebody gets their just desserts is something we all absolutely love to see happen and that’s why we’ve found these 21 pictures of people who have just had the karma train arrive at their station.



1. Somebody’s about to get into a very sticky situation

Something tells me those peanut butter bars won’t have been worth it.

2. Try and get out of that one you inconsiderate idiot!

I hope the person with the motorbike takes hours to return for his bike!

3. This will be awkward at the family reunion!

I don’t think they’re going to be invited over for Christmas any more.

4. They totally deserved this!

Leaving your dog in a locked car on a hot day is a terrible thing to do, so I’m applauding karma right here!

5. Her karma, where’s the fire?!

That’ll teach you to park like an idiot!

6. You hate your job? Congratulations, you’re now unemployed!

Good luck trying to find a new job now that people have seen this, you idiot!

7. Nobody likes Frank, not even karma

To be fair, he completely deserved it!

8. I’ve never seen karma find a more deserving victim

Enjoy the disease, you monster!

9. You’re not above the law, you know!

Karma. Sweet, sweet karma!

10. You won’t feel so proud of yourselves in about five minutes!

It’s hunting season and you’re on the menu!

11. Now who’s the one who looks like an ass?

That donkey definitely planned this.

12. You want to leave your car in a stupid place? This is what you get!

Have fun working your way out of this one, genius!

13. Karma has a name. That name is Timeshia.

Timeshia is fierce and we want to be her friend and go out drinking with her at the weekend.

14. Good luck towing this one away, guys!

How much truck could a tow truck tow if a tow truck could tow trucks?

15. Wait for it…

Karma is a big angry mama grizzly bear and she’s coming for you!

16. That garish car doesn’t seem so clever now, does it?

Just because you drive a flash car doesn’t give you the right to drive like a moron!

17. Even the shadows are working against you on this one.

They were paid off by old lady karma a long time ago!

18. She’s earned every ounce of the pride she’s feeling right now!

Everyone give Kayla a round of applause, she totally deserves it for taking karma into her own hands!

19. Give my your money you little punk!

Gladly, but only if you’ll give me a foot long meatball sub with extra cheese, buddy! It’s sandwich time!

20. Emily is letting this billboard do karma’s job for her!

I don’t think Steven is ever going to be able to live this one down, good job Emily!

21. That’s what you get for using Facebook while you drive.

And everyone who’s ever been hit by a driver who was on their phone is laughing at you right now.

Have you ever seen instant karma in action? What’s the best time you’ve seen karma work for people? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

Source: auntyacid


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