There’s Something Wrong With This Prom Photo. Can You Spot It?

Prom night. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it’s a serious milestone in every teenager’s life.

You plan it for months, you find yourself a date, choose the perfect outfit, speculate wildly over who will be crowned prom king and queen.

And then the big night comes and the excitement and the drama flies by in a heartbeat.

But whether you had the night of your dreams or a night you’d rather forget, you’ll remember your prom night forever.

Before you can head out to the prom, you’ve got to do the traditional pre-prom photos! You line up with your best friends while your parents get seriously emotional and strike a pose with your purses all front and centre. That’s exactly what’s going on in this seemingly normal prom night photo and under any normal circumstances, you wouldn’t look at this picture twice. But take a closer look at this perfect prom photo, and see if you can tell what’s out of place here.

Did you spot it? The answer is loud and clear if you’ve got sharp eyes! Nope, it’s nothing to do with the dresses. All of these girls have great hair, so it’s not that either. There’s nothing in the background and nobody pulling a ridiculous face. So what’s the big deal? Let me give you a little hint, it’s all about the purses! Still haven’t got it? Well take a look at that purse in action…

Yep, that’s not a purse after all, it’s a giant hip flask! It’s being hidden in plain sight by mastermind Eleanor Clarke who successfully managed to sneak this huge flask into her prom in the United Kingdom. She wasn’t shy about her success either, tweeting, “still don’t know how I got away with a giant hip flask as my prom clutch.”We don’t know how you did it either, Eleanor, please teach us your sneaky ways!

Like a flash, Eleanor’s Twitter post went viral. It now has over 319 thousand likes and more than 64 thousand retweets! I’m not surprised this post has blown up, I just wish I’d have thought of this on my prom night! Although it’s important to know that the legal drinking age in the UK is 18, so she wouldn’t have had to break any laws like she would have in the US. But people who are of legal drinking age have all been flocking to Twitter to congratulate Eleanor on her sneaky skills.

I completely agree with these tweets, Eleanor is a hero to everyone who has to go to a formal event they’d rather miss over the next few months. Don’t take a purse, just grab yourself a giant hip flask and dance the night away while congratulating yourself on your cleverness. Just remember that you really owe your great idea to Eleanor!

Do you wish you’d had one of these purses for the prom? Did you love or hate your prom night? Leave your stories in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!


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