Check Out Tom Lenk’s Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Photos

The famous actor Tom Lenk, best known for his role as Andrew Wells on Buffy the Vampire Slayer has had a witty side since he appeared on the big screen.

Since last year, the 41-year-old actor became even more creative when he started recreating fashionable outfits of random celebs.

He’s been taking celebrity photos from various award shows and photo shoots and using them as an inspiration for his outfits.

To achieve the same look, he uses simple household items and stuff you can buy for literally a few bucks, and he posts the results on his Instagram profile.

Scroll down and take a look at some of his best outfits!

1. That time Tom Lenk was a famous Balenciaga model.

2. Tom Lenk as one of the greatest celebs, Beyonce

3. When he turned himself into Celine Dion

4. That time he was Angela Sarafyan

5. Prince George’s double.

6. Tom Lenk As Lady Gaga, once one of the most eccentric of all.

7. His dog as Rose Byrne

8. Heidi Klum would be jealous of those legs.

9. Tom Lenk as Taylor Swift, so close.

10. Hilarious! Tom Lenk as Ariana Grande.

11. Do you remember when he imitated a Model From Gucci Resort 2018?

12. This look could seriously compete for best Halloween mask. Tom Lenk as Bette Midler From Hocus Pocus.

13. That time Tom Lenk was Cher.

14. Diane Kruger would be jealous of those legs, too!

15. Tom Lenk As Elizabeth Berkley

16. Can you guess what Victoria Beckham would say about this?

17. Tom Lenk as Out magazine model

18. It’s not very hard to be Orlando Bloom these days.

19. Tom Lenk As Nicole Kidman. Is that grass?

20. Tom Lenk As Khloé Kardashian. At least he has the same height.

So, we hope you had a good laugh. Admit it, you’re inspired to do the same thing, aren’t you.

Tell us which look was your favorite?

Source: boredpanda


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