10+ Dark And Disturbing Pieces Of Art Drawn By Children That May Just Scare You

Children’s drawings tend to capture our attention a lot. Even though not a lot of actual skill goes into them, they’re unique and adorable because it’s interesting to see the skills of the children and the way they see life as a whole and how stuff happens in their imagination.

However, there are rare cases where kids can draw some dark, disturbing, even morbid drawings that make you wonder “What kind of life are they living?” “Are they even happy?”

Get ready to be a little bit disturbed, after taking a look at these dark and disturbing pieces of art drawn by children.

1. I don’t know what she’s trying to say

Does she want an alien to be her best friend, or is she implying that her best friends are dark, soulless beings?

2. Someone really doesn’t like their grandma

Look, kid, I know that your grandma sometimes asks too many questions, but you can’t do this.

3. That’s certainly not a water slide I want to be on…

4. I wonder who Valerie is and what she did

5. Merry Deathmiss!

Does that mean I miss death?

6. You too should love Sarah mor evin wile she is ded.

Okay, maybe not.

7. Oh look, aliens!

Not even kids are safe from UFO sightings.

8. Better run…

9. I don’t know if that’s sleep though

10. This kid’s opinion matches that of many people 5 or 6 times his age

11. Graham knows the unfortunate truth

Source: 9gag


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