“It broke my heart”: Grandpa is looking for a family this Christmas

Christmas is traditionally the time when families come to together and celebrate.

Relatives travel from afar to be with their loved ones, both young and old, and enjoy each other’s company.

However, it’s also at this time of year when people without any family are all too painfully aware of how alone they are.

That’s why a widowed veteran from Berlin, Germany, plucked up the courage to place a small ad at the local supermarket:

***bitte teilen***Als ich das gelesen hab, hat es mir sofort das Herz gebrochen.Damit mit den Daten kein Blödsinn…

Posted by Femina Lisa on Freitag, 17. November 2017

The heart-rending note read, “Where can a lonely veteran, widowed, find a small group of people to celebrate Christmas with?” A young woman saw the ad and decided to help the man. After taking a photo of the note, she posted it on Facebook.

“When I read this, it broke my heart right away. Perhaps, someone will be able to fulfill his wish …,” she wrote next to the image. Thankfully, there were many people out there willing to help: the lonely veteran’s words were shared hundreds of times, prompting over 30 families to answer the ad and invite the elderly man to spend Christmas with them.

The widower is now spoilt for choice! But the important thing is that he won’t have to spend Christmas by himself and will remain in contact with his “surrogate” family once the festive season is over. “Grandpa is sure to be stuffed to the gills and happy this Christmas,” said the young woman who shared his ad.

It’s simply wonderful to see how many people were willing to open their doors and heart to the widower — that is the true meaning of Christmas!

Source: Bild


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