7 problems anyone who has been pregnant will understand

These days, most women are not forced to become mothers if they don’t want to. Fortunately, society is becoming more open and usually only those who want to have children. But there are pros and cons. While it’s happening, it’s important to remember that some of the side effects of pregnancy can be quite negative, but on the other hand, the connection between a mother and a newborn make all the struggles worthwhile, right? Trying for a baby is always going to be a deeply personal decision. So here are some photos showing why you might like to try… and why you might not!

1. Young children certainly produce some, um, interesting odors. To the extent that you might feel using air fresheners as earrings is really your only option.

But on the plus side, there’s nothing quite like the smell of your little one’s head. So soft. So sweet.

I got to smell a baby today. Mmmmm….

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2. When your belly grows so big that you start having trouble tying your own shoelaces, that’s the time you might start questioning the entire enterprise.

But once they’ve arrived into the world, you realize it was these adorable tiny hands and feet taking up all that space inside.

Those adorable #babyfeet

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3. When your feet swell up, and the only shoes you can manage to put on are flip flops or slippers.

🇬🇧When you have to Walk around with "Hulk feet" … You know that pregnancy isn't all faboulous for eveyone 😅 !! Thank God it's summer Time and i found those #crocs 🙌🏾 they are so comfy even by the end of the day when my feet can get bigger … 😅😁 🇫🇷Quand tes pieds se transforment en ceux de Hulk … tu comprends que tout n'est pas magnifique pour tout le monde dans la grossesse 😅!! Merci mon Dieu , c'est l'été et j'ai trouvé cette paire de sympathique et très confortable #crocs même en fin de journée quand mes pieds peuvent être encore plus balaises…😅😁 #35weeks #pregnancyfeet #pregnantfeet #motherhood #pregnant #maternity #preggofeet #mommytobe #momtobe #mommy #happy #expecting #mama #enceinte #pregnancyissues

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But it’s worth sacrificing the opportunity to wear beautiful shoes, just to see this one-of-a-kind smile.

The happiest person #6monthsold #babysmile #purehappiness #babyedouard #myboy #mysoul #smile #happiness

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4. When you’ve had enough of the nausea and just want to stop being pregnant right now.

But once it’s all over, you just want to give this adorable thing a gentle cuddle.

Maybe a little bit grumpy about being 9 months old? #9monthsold #lanabelle #babythighs

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5. When labor pains just seem like a bad joke. But your other half is just peachy.

But soon they will be here to give you all the hugs whenever you are sad or in pain.

6. When your gums start bleeding and you’re wondering whose fault it is.

Knarly! #pregnancygums

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But this little hand holding your finger tight makes you forget everything else.

7. When a contraction starts… wait, did we already talk about this? We should probably go over it again, it’s supposed to be one of the most painful things you’ll ever experience.

One month ago on this day, I had the worst and most painfull, but best experience of my life: I had a natural birth. After months of heavy pre-contractions, I was induced at 9 days overdue. I knew that it would be painfull, but this painfull 😱(mostly thanks to the induction fucking shit up). In the end I'm glad I did it this way. We had an amazing doula who helped and supported us. The midwives of UZ Leuven were amazing too, following our birthingplan to make sure everything went like we wanted it too. And I can't forget @brossels: thanks for not passing out this time, massaging my back for over 2 hours, carrying me in and out the bathtub, letting me squeeze your hands until it hurt and I'm sorry I bit you 🙈. After 5,5 hours of labour our beautiful babygirl Liv was born. #labour #inlabour #doula #birth #birthing #naturalbirth #contractions #thebirthhour #babygirl #baby #babyontheway #massaging #goalinlife #bornin2017 #gasthuisberg #bevallingsverhaal #bevalling #weeen #geboorte #natuurlijkebevalling. Picture taken by our doula Kaatje.

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But everything is worth it, to bring about that unique connection between a mother and child that will last a lifetime.

Have you seen friends go through pregnancy and decided you’d rather not face the same problems? Or have you lived through it and think it’s not that bad really? Let us know if you think it’s worth the suffering!

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