They Fell Asleep On A Plane And When Woke Up, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes!

Do you usually look for Christmas gifts under the New Year Tree? Some other places are definitely worth searching too!

Getting on a plane for Christmas holidays brought these families some unexpected surprise: parents, children, babies and grannies confessed their wishes for Christmas presents to Santa at Toronto Pearson International Airport. They just tried to scan their boarding passes at a huge present box with a screen, when Santa appeared just right there on it. A Choo-choo train, Android tablet, warm underwear and socks, big smart TV: whatever your dream-gift for Christmas is, you should share your wish with Santa.

Does Santa really exist? Do dreams come true when Christmas? Watch and learn by yourself!

You too may once come across a magic jet, or may be a magic car, or a magic rain will fall over you. Nobody knows. But there’s definitely someone there who cares about you, you just have to strongly believe in the miracle of Christmas!

Like a real miracle has happened to a Filipino girl named Joana and Tyrel Wolfe, a boy from Idaho, US. In 2000 Tyrel sent a shoebox Christmas present during Operation Christmas Child run. He packed a photo of his together with a gift in the box.

After 11 years Joana still tried to find the boy on the Facebook, and she did, and three years later they got married. Now they live happily ever after and still are packing shoebox presents for Operation Christmas Child.

They hope that Christmas gifts will once bring joy and miracle to the life of some other people.

Share our video with those you care about and give them a hope for wonder.


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