6 Things That Gynecologists DON’T Recommend To Do

Every woman feels anxious before appointment at gynecologist’s.

There is always risk to hear some unpleasant things.

However, you must see this specialist at least once a year.

Right now, reading this article, you have a unique chance to learn 6 basic rules of gynecology.

Don’t ignore them!

1. Don’t believe in things that you read in the Internet

Quite often, women who feel discomfort in their bikini area would rather consult the Internet than the doctor. Excess of wrong information may lead to depression; whatever you might read! Gynecological conditions are individual, so, if there is something that bothers you, see a doctor instead of reading anyone’s advice. Self-medication can do even more harm!

2. Take off your sports clothes right after a workout

If you wear special clothes made of dense airtight material at your workout, take them off immediately when you stop. Besides, you should wear cotton underwear underneath, so that your skin could breathe.

3. Don’t put up with pain during sex

If you feel pain during sexual intercourse (frequently or nearly always), it is for reason! It may be caused by different diseases, like infections, constipation, myomas, endometreosis, cysts and many others. Consult the doctor to make your sex pleasant and painless.

4. Don’t treat infections yourself

Seeing some unusual discharge, women often take it for fungal infection and rush for drugstore to buy medicines. Be careful! You might make the wrong diagnosis, and self-medication would only aggravate the symptoms.

5. Don’t think that abundant bleeding during your period is normal

If you have to change sanitary pads every 2 hours, no matter what your age is, it is a problem. Averagely, you should lose up to 80 ml of menstrual blood.

6. Don’t wear thongs

Doctors don’t recommend to wear such panties, as they rub against very tender body parts. If you must wear thong, make sure it is not too small. It should fit perfectly to reduce the damage. By the way, doctors also don’t recommend to use panty liners, as they obstruct the air flow, while your skin needs to breathe in order to protect you from infection.

These tips will help you to avoid at least just some of the possible intimate problems. Remember to see a gynecologist in case of any discomfort in your bikini area.


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