When This 34-Year-Old Stepped On Stage He Was Shaking And Couldn‘t Even Say His Name – His Voice Left UsSpeechless!

It‘s amazing how many beautiful talents are hiding out there! And we are lucky to have talent shows, like for example The X-factor, that share those real gifts from God with the world.

Christopher Maloney was one of the people who don‘t show their genius to the public. His only fan was his grandma Pat, so he wasn‘t even sure he sings well. Christopher moved in with his grandmother to take care of her after his grandpa died five years ago. Ever since, Pat was convincing Meloney to The X-Factor audition. And one day he decided to go and sing on the big stage.

When he stood on the stage in front of the judges and hundreds of people, he was sweating and trembling. He could hardly say his name. But when Meloney started to sing, the whole room went speechless. Their hearts were captured by his divine voice and the touching song he chose.

Christopher Maloney was singing Bette Midler’s “The Rose” – the song that played at his grandfather‘s funeral. No wonder, he was so emotional. Watch this wonderful heart-warming performance and share it with your friends.


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