The Shape Of Your Nose Reveals Your Personality

Most of the time all we need to do is look at a person’s face to make assumptions about their personality.

Most of us don’t judge a person by the way they look, we just notice certain qualities and subconsciously draw conclusions.

But are our deductions correct?

Well, it is true that our physical appearance has a huge influence on the development of out characters.

Which means that some of our features can give an insight into our personalities.

This is what your nose shape reveals about you.

1. The Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose has a straight bridge and a downwards-pointing lower end. It immediately pulls your gaze down to the lips. Those who have this kind of nose are generally very curious. Always cautiously optimistic and eager to learn and experience new things. They express their thoughts and opinions in an extremely impressive way. But their most distinguishing personality trait is their humility.

2. The Greek Nose

This nose derives its name from the sculptures carved by the ancient Greek masters. It’s narrow, very straight and pointed. Those who have a Greek nose are more often than not prudent and very practical people. Their defining characteristic is their loyalty: they would never betray you and they would never reveal your secrets. Your trust in them would never be misplaced. But that goes both ways: their trust needs to be earned.

3. The Hook Nose

The hook nose is often compared to a bird’s beak, because of the prominent bridge which makes it look like it’s bent downwards. People with a nose like this often have strong opinions and deep thoughts. They are passionate in defense of their views and often dare to take risks. Their main personality trait is their willingness for self-sacrifice. Because they are thoughtful and wise, they are able to be diplomatic and creative, but still self-effacing.

4. The Arched Nose

This kind of nose is similar to the hook nose in that it’s curved from the nasal bone, but the difference is that its tip is very pointed. People who have arched noses are skillful managers, not only because they are driven and very well organized, and they appreciate efficiency, but also because they can lead through example. They love their professions, but their affection for the people who surround them cannot be underestimated. Never betray people like this: if there’s one thing they won’t forgive, it’s disloyalty.

5. The Button Nose

The button nose is short and dainty and it is probably the most common kind of nose. People with a nose like this are very likely to get what they want: they are determined and strong-willed and they plan their time with extreme efficiency. They are also quite spontaneous and very active. When important decisions need to be made, they trust their gut feelings, and they know which instincts to follow, and which to ignore.

6. The Straight Nose

This nose is straight and flat, with wide nostrils and a round tip. Those who have a straight nose are generally in good control of their emotions, but they can easily read other people’s feelings as well, which means that they are good empaths. They are calm, patient, and unlikely to lose their temper. However, they don’t respond well to unsolicited provocations, and the wrath of hell shall descend upon whoever places in jeopardy the safety of their loved ones.

7. The Concave Nose

The concave nose looks petite and sharp. It has a small arch on the nasal bone and the tip points slightly outwards. People with a nose like this are quite sensitive: their emotions run deep and they’re easily hurt, even if they will never admit it. Their distinguishing trait is their altruism. No matter the burdens they carry, they always have a smile on their face and they never refuse helping anyone.

8. The Crooked Nose

The crooked nose has a bridge that stands out and a rounded tip. But don’t let the name skew your perception of people with this nose. In fact, they are very straightforward. They don’t make judgments without first understanding the situation. They are very perceptive, and good listeners. The fact that they like to think things through carefully before forming an opinion makes them an excellent choice for friends and partners.

Source: meaww


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