Try Some Of These 10+ Gorgeous French Manicure Updates

The “French manicure” front-line nail art has been super popular for a very long time now, with many ladies around the globe becoming fond of this style. It’s not only stylish, but it also looks really elegant, simple and gorgeous. The colors and the style options are limitless. Among the most popular shades of French manicure are the cream, nude and beige which are then topped with a pure white polish.

However, if you are bored with the regular and traditional French manicure already, don’t despair. We offer you 15 amazing updates on the popular mani, courtesy of Diply.

The good old design has been an inspiration to many modern nail enthusiasts and gave birth to a number of creative, unique twists over the years. So, get ready to master your favorite one to perfection!

1. Matte V-shape

Choose your favorite color for the base and go matte without fear. Create the V shape tips precisely and you will have a unique mani.

2. Black & Blue combo

This geometric-inspired design is another lovely alternative. And you don’t have to limit yourself to only these two colors.

3. Glittery French

This glittery French tip goes with almost everything. Simple and elegant!

4. Bejeweled

Choose two-three shades and add some nail gems.

5. Lovely

For all those crazy in love who are already looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day, these are simply perfect.

6. Reverse triangle

You can transform the traditional French tip into a reverse triangle in order to make it stand out!

7. Navy

This design is so bold and sophisticated, yet so simple.

8. Ombré tips

A super-refreshing design for all ombré fans. So cool for the summer.

9. Floating

Another unique French tip design that creates an illusion of longer nail beds. Simply swap the traditional white tips with any other color.

10. Geometric

Take a look at this awesome geometric design with a combination of pink, gold and black. It is ideal for Saturday nights out.

11. Vanilla

This design is everything but boring. It combines funky colors and a unique accent nail to create the ultimate spin on the French mani.

12. Hearts

If you are one of those eagerly waiting for the Valentine’s Day, this one is for you. Or, maybe you are simply bored of lines, so you want to modify them into sweet red hearts?

13. Mother of Pearl

The choice of colors is so fun. You can add more gold sparky lines and some pearls to create a classy vibe.

14. Grey Ombré

I don’t know about you, but these are my absolute favorite. Spread the ombre shades in each of the previously-created triangle tips.

15. Ruffian

The golden mini-moons along the cuticles give elegance to this delightful French mani.

Make sure to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Source: diply


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