10+ Amazing Photos Of Plastic Surgery Makeovers From South Korea

We usually attribute all the weirdness coming from Asia to Japan, but this time, the perpetrator is South Korea. And it’s sort of amazing this time – in a show called “Let Me In” (that ran from 2011 to 2015), contestants turn from Quasimodos to Cinderellas with the power of plastic surgery.

It’s been one of the most viewed TV programs in South Korea, and not surprisingly so – the relationship between beauty and appearance has fascinated us since the dawn of time. But by its very nature, the show also involves a lot of emotions and drama, which made everyone even more glued to the screen.

Don’t believe me? Each person undergoing these transformations is first given a terrible name – like Scarface or Frankenstein, and so on. Then, we go through their history seeing how their former physical features impacted the quality of their lives in negative ways. It involves the parents as well. Often times, they’re shown going through intense emotional confessions and offer apologies to their children for having to bear the “curse” of their genes. The cure, however? Plastic surgery.

And that is, in fact, the competing part of the show – believe it or not, not every “ugly duckling” can win the prize and make their dream a reality. Only one person, man or woman, is picked, and then they undergo a series of surgeries by the best plastic surgeons in the country. Finally, at the end of the show, each “aesthetically reborn” contestant is shown to the audience – and often to unbelievably surprising results.

As you can imagine, this is why the show is so hugely popular. Below, thanks to 9GAG, you can see some of the ‘before and after’ transformations yourself.

Yay for plastic surgery, I guess!


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