10+ Terrible Beauty Mistakes We Are All Allowed To Do And How To Fix Them

The weekend is coming soon and you have probably already figured out your outfit and makeup for the night. If you are still thinking about how to do your makeup, watch this tutorial, but if you are all ready for a wild night ahead of you, make sure to stop for a moment. What are you forgetting? Eyeliner, highlighter, mascara…No, I’m not referring to these additions to your looks, but maybe it’s time to reinvestigate your mode of doing makeup. There are so many ways to do it, yet, some of us keep doing the same stupid mistakes. The end result? Looking 10 years older. Here are some easy beauty tricks to save your day.

1. Smudging your liquid eyeliner

Don’t you have that feeling that liquid eyeliner can smell your fear? Also, even the steadiest of hands are subject to Murphy’s Law.

What you can do it dip a Q-Tip in makeup remover or coconut oil and…you are saved! Don’t you ever think about using your finger for a smudge touch-up.

2. When you pull out too many hairs from an eyebrow.

It happens. All the time. But, sadly, there is no time machine to bring you back in time.

If you want a natural-looking fix, a brow pencil beats a brow liner or brow powder. Pencil strokes give a far more hair-like eyebrow look.

3. When yo’ve put on a ton of blush.

Now you and Raggedy Ann are twins!

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How to solve it? Powder, blend, and repeat. There’s no hue of rouge that enough blending and translucent powder can’t fix. The biggest mistake you can do is taking off your foundation and starting over.

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4. You’ve over-contoured your nose.

And you had subtle nose-contouring on your mind, but you got carried away.

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Here is your best friend: your concealer! Instead of trying to blend the contour out, use concealer to minimize the lines.

5. You accidentally rubbed foundation on your white shirt.

Please remain calm! Do not call 911!

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An instant stain remover will save you in this situation.

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6. You used way too much smoothing serum in your hair.

And that’s why you look like you haven’t showered in a week.

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Use dry shampoo! That thing has saved so many bad hair days!

7. After approximately 20 coats of mascara, your lashes are now overcrowded.

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Dab a little coconut oil on your fingers and rub your lashes between them. It will take a layer or two off and separate your lashes as well.

8. You chipped your manicure and you have exactly zero-time to re-paint it.

It always happens!

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Have a nail file nearby, always! Filing down a chipped nail can minimize the appearance of the chip.

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9. You over-conditioned your hair and now your hair is so slippery!

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Use some baby powder from your roots and comb down. This will soak up excess oil and add some good grit to your roots.

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10. You tried the hot silvery ombre/balayage trend, but it ended up looking like burnt pumpkin.

Use purple shampoo to tone your hair. The purple counteracts the yellow tones and makes it cooler. And don’t forget to be patient!

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11. When you don’t let your nail polish fully dry between and after coats and now your nails look like this.


Use a little acetone-based remover over the smudged area and then repaint quickly.

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12. When you thought you bought the right shade of foundation…

Use a lighter setting powder over your whole face or some concealer in the spots that you want to be lighter.

13. Sometimes, you may find yourself accidentally applying too much powder.

And you look like you just opened a fresh bag of flour.

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To save the day, spritz some dewy setting spray over your face

14. You cut your hair way too short and you’re totally regretting it.

Does any hairdresser in the world understand that a trim doesn’t mean cut 12 inches? No wonder we get nervous going to the salon.

Look up celebrities with gorgeous short hairstyles and start viewing your new cut in a positive light.

15. When you overdo it on the perfume/cologne

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Use a damp paper towel and a little bit of soap. Just pat down your neck/wrists to remove some of the scent.

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