Blanket Is Grown Up Now And Looks Exactly Like His Dad Michael Jackson



This kid was practically a mystery because of Micheal Jackson’s obsession with covering his face with scarves and masks.

As Blanket grew up, he managed to still hide from the media so we have not seen much of him lately.

But, recently we saw him for a bit and he’s grown up now and looks exactly like Michael!

Blanket was born on 21, February 2002, and his mother remains unknown.

Of course being the child of Micheal Jackson can lead to Bill Clinton holding you in his arms and stuff!

He is the baby of the family and managed to steal the attention from everyone.

The child has been the center of attention since he was born, referring not least to the time Michael almost threw him off a balcony. Of course, Micheal later apologized and said that he was just excited about showing off his newborn.

Michael was a person that made caring about his kids a priority. He never missed a night without reading to his three children.

As the singer’s children grew up, he became more protective of them. Covering his kids with masks to hide them from the paparazzi became a normal thing for Michael.

His daughter Paris, stated that she never understood why they had to cover their faces. But now that she is grown up she understands that hiding her face was a way to give her a normal childhood. Humble Michael Jackson.

Blanket was devastated when his father passed away. He idolized Michael and he used to watch videos of him dancing, trying to copy him.

Blanket refuses to cut his hair to keep his dad’s memory.

Just a quick reminder of Michael Jackson at his best!

Today Blanket is 14 years old and he looks exactly like Michael.

He prefers to be called Bigi now!


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