10+ Things That Make Almost All Girls Drown In Cringe

We wouldn’t change it for the world, but sometimes being a girl can really suck. No, I’m not talking about the gender pay gap or the lack of women in powerful jobs or even the lack of women’s rights around the world!

I’m talking something much more serious! Those everyday little niggles that just make your life as a girl that extra bit tough!

Okay, all of that stuff is important too. But let’s face it, one step at a time here.

It takes a lot of time and effort to talk about gender differences and social politics. But hair in your butt crack? That’s something we can all relate to!

So join us as we all share some of those stupid little cringe moments that being a girl make inevitable.

1. High heel blisters

You had to wear your heels that night, and now your feet are just covered in blisters everywhere.

2. Wearing a thong while wearing something tight

The dreaded visibility of the thong through your skinny jeans.

3. High amounts of dry shampoo

It’s almost like someone is repeatedly spilling flour everywhere! And anyway, what girl can be bothered to wash, dry and style her hair? That’s why we go for the easy way.

4. Hair falling and sticking in your buttcrack while you shower

It’s just disgusting! And don’t get me started on actually taking it out of there…

5. Eyeliner

Tension builds as eyeliner is applied. Nothing is more stressful than trying to get the eyeliner on point.

6. Hair gets caught in your sunglasses’ nose bridge

And then you have to carefully fish it out, because it hurts and can tear parts of your hair off.

7. Bending your nail back

All that hard work on that mani just flushed itself down the toilet.

8. A dead hand when your hair elastic sits too tight on your wrist

Because, of course, there’s no better place to store your elastic than your wrist.

9. The reality of what we look like with a ponytail

10. Lipstick on our teeth

Especially when someone else tells us that we do. It’s too late to reverse the damage.

11. The bobble doesn’t go around three times

Time to do it again!

12. Someone else asks for an elastic

Girl, if you saw what my elastic has been through, you’ll never think of asking for one again!

Then again, even though our elastic makes us mad sometime, we don’t want to give it away.

13. Sneezing right after you’ve finished your eye makeup

It’s best to not hold it in, as holding it in can actually make your eyes water and make it worse.

14. Painting your nails and then wanting to take a nap afterwards

Prepare for the consequences!

15. Testing 400 different shades of lipstick on your hands and then not being able to rub them off

They can stay there. Think of them as charm bracelets without the hassle of having to readjust actual charm bracelets constantly.

16. Your eyebrows never, ever match

No matter how long and how many times you did them, they just don’t seem to match, and it’s like, the most frustrating thing ever.

17. Bleeding while shaving your legs

It bleeds for years! At least, that’s what it feels like.

18. Conditioner wastes much faster than shampoo

We all just wish they’d empty at the same time.

19. The HUGE kink you get in your hair after you’ve had it up

Blast off to the bathroom and wash it again!

20. Saying that you have to use the bathroom

When in reality you’re going to slip a tampon in so no one finds out that you’re on your period. Worst thing ever.

Can you relate to any of the amazing(ly awful) things on this list? Have any been missed? Let us know in the comments!

From: auntyacid


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