Thank You Clothespin: How To Create Pleasant Scents In Your Car






No one likes bad smells — at home or in the car. But when, for example, you drive home having left your sports kit on the back seat, or are taking the crate full of empty beer bottles to be recycled, unpleasant smells can quickly invade your car.

Though air vents are fine for cooling you down on hot days, they’re not always best for getting rid of bad odors.

But a simple wooden clothespin, attached to the air vent grating, can provide a solution.

Simply drip a few drops of the essential oil of your choice onto the clothespin. The wood will absorb the liquid and its scent. Attach the clothespin to the air vent and, thanks to the airflow, the fragrance of the oil will be distributed throughout the interior of the car.

Thanks to this simple trick, your next visit to a fast food drive-in won’t be lingering any longer than necessary in your memory!


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