10 Foods You Need To Start Eating If You Want To Lose Weight

They say it’s never too late to start something new and change old habits. When it comes to our diets, many of us try to eat healthily, but it doesn’t always bring us results. Some people rely on diets only and starve themselves, while others eat what they want and exercise a lot. The truth is that you have to combine both your diet and exercise regularly if you want to achieve results. If you are looking for food to help you in the process of losing weight, you should know that consuming natural foods is always the best way to go. The concept is quite simple: you need to add healthy fats, fiber, fruits, and vegetables into your diet while avoiding sugar. Here are 10 foods that can help you if you are trying to lose weight, brought to you via Providr.

1. Green tea

This beverage is one of the healthiest ones out there. It’s full of antioxidants that can help you lose weight.

Research shows that the components in the green tea can help mobilize fat from your cells as well as boosting the fat-burning hormones.

2. Yogurt

Natural yogurt contains probiotics that can improve your digestion and help you retain a healthy stomach. A healthy stomach can protect you against leptin resistance, a hormonal imbalance causing obesity.

It’s important to always choose full-fat, natural yogurt and not the low-fat or flavored kind. The latter is full of sugar and might bring you even more unwanted issues.

3. Oatmeal

Studies have shown that people who eat a regular oatmeal breakfast instead of cold cereal have healthier levels of cholesterol. Eating oatmeal-based food will also help with your weight-loss journey.

Oatmeal provides enough fiber to keep you full and satisfied for an entire morning until lunch comes. Also, make sure you eat rolled oats instead of the sugary instant packets.

4. Avocados

Avocado contains a lot of healthy fats, making it both a hunger killer and a belly fat destroyer. Studies have shown that avocados are good for your health and your weight.

The healthy fats in the avocado keep you satisfied for longer and stack your body with healthy, natural nutrients.

5. Barley

This fiber-rich grain that hails from the Middle East is most commonly used when making bread. It’s whole grain, so it helps if you want to lose weight faster.

Barley has the power to keep you full for longer, just like oat.

6. Almonds

Studies now suggest that almonds are one of the best weight loss stimulants.

This is because they contain good fats which help the body in many ways (e.g. digestion, bowel movements, and a feeling of being fuller for longer).

7. Blueberries

These have a lot of health benefits: they’re an antioxidant, as well as containing vitamin C and vitamin E.

Researchers have also found that blueberries have the power to tackle belly fat.

8. Miso

This ancient Japanese soup is a mixture of broth and dissolved fermented bean paste with tofu, scallion, and kelp or seaweed.

The secret of the magical miso soup is that there are only 25 grams of calories but 2 grams of protein per bowl. Also, this soup contains B12 complex and protective fatty acids.

9. Healthy beans and legumes

These can help you lose weight in a number of ways. They can boost calorie and fat burning as well as satisfy your cravings.

Beans target belly fat and they help protect your heart. Studies have shown that they help with cholesterol and blood pressure.

10. Sauerkraut

Pickled cabbage contains probiotics and prebiotics, which help keep your gut flora healthy.

A balanced microbiota plays a big part in having a strong immune system. Healthy gut flora will also protect you against chronic inflammation of the stomach and insulin resistance.

* This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances.

Source: providr


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