10 Foods You Will Never Want To Buy Again After Hearing How They Are Made

The food industry is full of tiny secrets that might not always be in the public knowledge. Only the food makers will know how certain foods are made, and when you find out what’s goin on, you will probably want to never buy them again. It’s not only hamburgers that are not healthy for you, but as it turns out, salad dressings and marshmallows are just a few exampes of food you should never buy. Why? It’s simple, it’s because of how they are made.

This video was published by TheThings.

1. Marshmallows

If you think these are a basic part of your cookies and desserts and that you can’t live without them, think again. These cuties are made of gelatin! In the past, people used to make them out of plants, but nowadays, the industry uses gelatin, which is basically boiled skin of an animal.

2. Ready meals

Johanna Blythman, a UK journalist, decided to investigate the ready meals industry in 2012. A large percentage of the UK population consumed them as their main meal of the day. She exposed the process, which is an automated one, including food processing plants that are far removed from actual farmlands and farmers. Some food has been frozen for years, and then labeled as fresh on the market. Would you buy ready meals again?

3. Ice cream

In 2013, Time magazine discovered a scary secret about vanilla ice cream. Because of the stabilizers that make ice cream last longer, commercial vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry ice cream contain a natural flavor called castorium. It comes from a beaver’s behind. This chemical actually reminds us of vanilla. How creepy is that?

4. Beer

Beer has been made for more than 7,000 years, but this refreshing drink hides a secret, too. The ingredient Isinglass, which is obtained from fish bladder, is actually used to make the beer clearer in the production process. Guinness removed this ingredient from the list, so you are lucky if you are a fan of the dark stuff.

5. Skittles

This rainbow pleasure treat is irresistible. Skittles contain the ingredients carmine, known as red food dye. But this is actually made of crushed bugs. Can you believe it? Me neither! Fortunately, Starbucks officially announced they stopped using it in their strawberry drinks.

6. Jelly beans

Shellac, which is also used to polish your car, is used in the process of making these sweets. Not only that, but shellac is taken out of bugs that live in the forest, only to add shine to your jelly beans.

7. Canned mushrooms

There is one element in these that will make your stomach turn when you hear it. It’s maggots! You can find 20 maggots per 100 grams of drained mushrooms which are permitted by US law!

8. Packaged beef

Lean finely textured beef has an element with a fancy name in this product, but it’s actually pink slime. Although it sparked great controversy, you can still find it in packaged beef. So be careful what you buy!

9. Salad dressing

The titanium dioxide in dressings, used to make it white and preserve it, can also be found in your sunscreens. It doesn’t seem that harmful, but in fact if you consume a lot, it may cause digestion issues.

10. Pringles

Are you ready for the truth behind Pringles? They are not actually made from potatoes. In fact, they are the most processed chips in the food industry. The process of making the chips destroys the nutritional qualities of the products and also creates a hazardous chemical called Acrylamide, which may cause cancer.

Check out the vide below for more info…if you really want to know…or skip it, if you happier in ignorance!

Source: TheThings


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