An Easy Test Discovers The Fears Hiding In Your Subconscious

What is your deepest, darkest fear?

Everyone is scared of something. Some fears are quite rational.

Others… well, not so much.

Some people are afraid of dying, others of the color yellow.

Some fear spiders, others ghosts. Some are terrified of losing a loved one, others of being watched by a duck…

You get the point. But just because they’re irrational, that doesn’t make them any less real.

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You already know you have those fears, or some of them at least. What about your subconscious? Is there something deep down you’ve always been afraid of, but didn’t know it, or didn’t want to admit it? Are you ready to find out?

These pictures will help you delve deep in your inner self and explore the darkest reaches of your mind. Let’s face our fears!

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It’s fairly simple. All you need to do is take a look at the following pictures. Remember the thing you notice first: it will reveal your hidden fear. Here we go:

Picture #1

This one is aptly named Butterfly Apple. It was painted by surrealist artist Vladimir Kush. But what did you notice first? Was it:

a) The Knife

Noticing the knife first means that what you are most afraid of is terminal illness. A lot of people who see the knife first are terrified of death, and of experiencing suffering and pain.

b) The Caterpillar

If you noticed the caterpillar first, then your subconscious fear is of the paranormal. For example, you are afraid of ghosts and believe them to be entities of evil nature.

c) The Butterfly

The butterfly means that you worry about being betrayed. More often then not, people who see the butterfly first have been burned in the past for trusting people and are terrified of history repeating itself.

d) The Apple

Spotting the apple before anything else signifies that you fear the death of a loved one. This is not an uncommon fear when it comes to people who have already experienced loss.

Picture #2

Picture #2 is the skull illusion by Trevor Brown. Do you know what’s the first thing you saw?

a) The Girl

Seeing the girl by the tree first means that you are afraid of making big decisions and stress. It is often a sign of experiencing a hidden trauma during one’s childhood.

b) The Strawberry

The strawberry is often considered to signify love. If this is the first thing you noticed in the picture, probably you are in a complicated romantic relationship.

c) The Butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol for a lost opportunity. You are scared you’ll never be able to make up for a missed chance.

d) The Trees

If the first thing you saw were the trees on the other side of the picture, then you have been avoiding some inner conflict. You are terrified of dealing with this problem.

e) The Skull

The skull in the illustration is just an ‘optical illusion,’ but noticing that first is a sign that you fear disappointing the people around you, or that you worry about death.

Picture #3

This last one is a forest illusion illustrated by Karl Kwasny. What did you see first?

a) The Skull

Once more the skull signifies the fear of death and your inability to deal with the idea of it. Another possible meaning is that you are a person who always aims to please, and that you’re terrified of disappointing anyone.

b) The Girl

Noticing the little girl first means that subconsciously you’re afraid of being helpless and vulnerable. In some cases, this is a result of something that happened in your past and was out of your control.

c) The Trees

If the first thing you saw were trees, whether the ones in the distance, or the ones surrounding the skull illusion, then you are frightened of the unpredictable nature of the future and that you will have no control over it.

d) Background Figure

The fact that the first thing you saw was the distant figure in the background means that you are a very private person, and you are scared of being exposed.

Did this test work for you? Share your results in the comments!

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