Reduce The Size Of Your Stomach With These 8 Simple And Effective Exercises

Many of us who want to lose weight would say that the most problematic area is the belly. When you gain weight, your stomach is the first part of the body that gets bigger and increases in volume. Ironically enough, that is the body part that is the most difficult to lose weight from and it really takes more time and effort than slimming any other part of our bodies. The belly depicts your eating habits, and also, your metabolism, constipation and bowel movements all influence the way it looks.

And if that is not enough, the women’s body is more likely to gain weight due to their reproductive functions. There are two main things that you need to change in order to get rid of your belly fat: sticking to a healthy diet and of course, working out regularly. When it comes to working out and sticking to a workout habit, many of us give up at the very beginning of it. You might not have the motivation to go to the gym consistently enough or maybe you don’t even dare to start since it can be time-consuming and difficult at first. However, there are some simple exercises that don’t require much effort or time. Plus, you can do them at home. And you won’t need any expensive gym equipment other than a workout mat.

The following eight simple exercises won’t take much of your precious time, but they are truly effective and they will engage all of your belly muscles. The BetterMe team suggest that you work out regularly on daily basis for about twenty minutes.

1. Plank

2. Forward bend

3. Heavy side bend

4. Plank knee to elbow

5. Mountain climber

6. Bicycle

7. V-Crunch

8. Heavy step-up

Source: betterme


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