‘Ice boy’ Melts Hearts For Walking 4.5km To School In Freezing Temperatures





A photo of icy boy has gone viral on Chinese social media.

The photo was taken on Monday morning at a primary school in rural Ludian County in northeastern Yunnan Province. He thought the weather was sunny so he only wears 1 sweater and a jacket.

The lives 4.5 kilometers away from school with his sister while his parents have moved to the city to work and the temperature dropped to -9 degrees Celsius in the morning.

While the primary school provides breakfast and lunch for its students. It does not have heating in the classrooms, something that the headmaster says he is trying to change.

He scored 99 out of 100 on his test. He wants to be a police or scientist when he grows up.

8-year-old Wang Fuman”Icy Boy” lives with his sister and grandmother. The boy’s 28-year-old father makes about RMB3,000 a month as a migrant worker and returns home once every four or five months. His mother had abandoned the family.

Their house have no electricity yet.

“Going to school is cold, but it’s not too hard,” he says.

8-year-old Wang Fuman says that he spends his time helping his grandma on the family farm. His New Year’s resolution is to study hard and make some money to buy medicine for his sick grandma.

While web users have praise the boy for his determination, they have also questioned why the government is not doing more to help left behind kids (parents from the country’s rural areas leaving their children when they move to urban areas to seek work. Children are left in the care of relatives).

The path that Wang takes to school

The school received RMB $100,000 donation, 100+ coats and 20 heaters after the photo goes viral.

Source: 9gag


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