The Secrets Of Palmistry Revealed: Here’s What Each Hand Line Means

Recently, ancient, or let’s say alternative methods are getting back in vogue. One of those practices is palmistry, which has made a comeback, and at the very least gives people something to talk about.

Leaving the debate whether it’s superstition or not aside, we need to be honest with ourselves and admit that at the very least it’s an amusing topic of conversation. It can be rather pricey too, seeing as recently palmistry is going pro, and people are paying hefty sums of money for a 45-minute session with a “professional palm reader.”

Well, thanks to StyleCraze, we decided to save you some money, and offer you a brief tutorial on palmistry.

You may not believe it, but frankly, it doesn’t matter.

Before we begin, you need to know that there are four important lines. They’re called the heart line, the life line, the head line and the super-important fate line.

1. Take a look at both of your palms together

If the lines on both hands don’t align symmetrically, it can mean that you have really tried to work on yourself and change who you are.

2. Find the four important lines

Here’s a “handy” image to guide you:

3. Analyze the heart line

If it starts from the side and ends below your index finger, it can mean a happy love life. However, if it ends below your middle finger, it means that you’re a selfish lover, while if it’s somewhere between the middle and index fingers, it indicates that it’s easy for you to fall in love. However, if it’s short and straight, it means you’re not much into romance.

If your heart line is placed closer to your fingers, it can mean you are very passionate (or even jealous). Spaces within the line indicate romantic disappointments, such as heartbreaks, divorces and so on. If the heart line goes all the way to the other side of your palm, it means you like keeping your feelings to yourself. But if it’s almost parallel to the head line, it shows that you are able to restrain your feelings.

4. Analyze the head line

If your head line is short, it means you’re more into physical activities than intense thinking. If it’s super-straight and runs all the way across your palm, you’re very logical and straightforward. If it’s not like that, then you’re not the king of mental focus (duh), and you’ll frequently change your mind. If it falls down towards the wrist, it means that you are a creative person and trust others. If it has tiny circles in it, it indicates emotionally difficult periods in your life. If there are cross-road like formations, it indicates important life decisions you had to make.

5. Analyze the life line

It doesn’t tell you how long you will live, but about how you live your life. Quality – not quantity, as it were. If you have more than one life line, you’re a vibrant, bubbly person, the center of the party. Your life line being curvy can mean that you are a strong personality, while if it’s straight it means you’re someone who takes a lot of time before they do things. If it’s deep, you’re a bohemian, drawn more to pleasures than achieving mastery of your self, while if it’s shallow, maybe you lack ambition. Circles here mean possible illnesses or injuries throughout life.

6. Analyze the fate line

This is a line running straight across the middle of your palm, crossing all the other lines (hence, fate line). It connects everything. If it’s deep and straight it indicates a successful career, while a faint line can point to job dissatisfaction. The other lines coming out from this line mean changes or problems with one’s career. If it starts in the same place as your life line, it means you’re an entrepreneur, but if it crosses it, it signifies deep bonds with people. If it connects to the middle of the life line, however, it indicates that you’re a person who will compromise, and give up what matters to you for the sake of other people.

Remember, whatever palmistry tells you, it’s just good fun. No need to get too worried or too proud about it! After all, we all make our own destinies through the power of choice.

Source: stylecraze


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