10+ Genius Parenting Hacks For All The Mamas And The Papas Out There

Parenting is hard enough as it is. I think most moms and dads can agree that any help they can get is greatly appreciated — especially when it comes to some of the more hectic aspects of raising a child, like potty training, sticky fingers, and maintaining a reasonably tidy home.

If you are a parent who appreciates a good hack when you see one, you’re going to want to take a look through the list of tips and tricks below.

1. DIY Toy Zone

Use painter’s tape to outline a specific area of the home where your kids can play with their toys. This hack can help minimize the amount of stuff left lying all over the place!

2. Paint Chip Chore Charts

Grab a few free paint chips from your local hardware store and turn them into color-coordinated chore charts for your kids to follow. As they finish each task, simply check or cross them off until they reach the bottom.

3. Easy Hangup

Command hooks are one of the most versatile products and can be used for a variety of hacks, including DIYed bib hooks for the backs of high-chairs.

4. Vacation Pack Hack

Stay organized and save space while on vacation by packing individuals outfits in Ziploc bags. Once the outfit has been worn, simply return it to the bag and set it aside.

5. Mess-Free Eggs

If you like dying eggs with your kids for Easter but hate how messy things can sometimes get, use a whisk to dip them rather than your fingers!

6. Potty Training Hack

Teaching a child to use the bathroom isn’t an easy task, and can often be extremely unpleasant. To limit the amount of cleanup you’ll have to do when a #2 comes along, place a coffee filter in the training potty and then just throw it away afterward.

7. Comfortable Carry

Give your arms a break by adding a piece of a pool noodle to the handle of your baby carrier. I can hear all the parents rejoicing at this idea!

8. DIY Busy Board

Children of all ages like to touch things that are labelled as “off limits.” To take away that temptation, and to entertain them for hours, whip up one of these busy boards with stuff from around your home and the dollar store.

9. DIY Sink Extender

Cut a hole in the bottom of an empty shampoo bottle so that it fits over the faucet. Remove the lid, turn on the water, and you have yourself a makeshift sink extender!

10. No-Mess Frozen Treats

Let your children enjoy their favorite summer treat without worrying about messy, sticky hands. This can be accomplished by slipping a couple of cupcake liners underneath a popsicle to catch any drips.

11. A Slinky Solution

Slip a colorful Slinky around the hot water tap in every bathroom of your home so that it’s easy for little ones to identify, and discourages them from playing with it.

12. The Straw Trick

Make it impossible for little hands to remove a straw and make a mess by flipping a crazy straw upside down inside their favorite cup.

Source: diply


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