10+ Times When Life DID NOT Give These People Lemons

Sometimes life hands you a hot pile of… Goop in your hands. What to do, you wonder? It’s not lemons. If only life would give you lemons sometimes! But NO. Life seems pretty intent on giving you everything BUT lemons. Because if life gave you lemons, you’d have to make lemonade and be happy. And what then? No one wants to look at your happy pictures!

But we all want to look at those not-quite-happy pictures, or pictures of those occasions when life hands you a big, steaming pile of goo. Well, it’s your lucky day, because Diply made sure you’ll look at exactly such pictures today!

1. When it’s the barber giving you the bad news.

2. When your car gets abducted by aliens and they botch the return job.

3. When life should buy Zuby a frigging new pair of earphones.

4. Maybe squeeze some of that bacon on your ice cream?

5. When bullies stole your lunch and you had to become one.

6. I’m not even sure what this is, but it looks pretty bad.

7. When you’re hungry as hell, but life hands you a Speed Stick.

8. Well, good luck visiting the bathroom.

9. Hmm, an elevator straight to the bathroom. I dig this.

10. But what’s that white thing stuffed between the wall and the toilet seat?

11. How. Do. You. Use. This. AND. WHY. IN. GOD’S. NAME. WOULD. YOU.

12. But did she eat them after?

13. Sometimes, life hands you a PET CHICKEN.

14. Maybe the guy just hates phones? Dunno?!

15. When the cook is missing but you have to serve your guests SOMETHING.


From: diply


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