20+ Adorable Photos Of YouTube’s Favorite Couple.

Are you the kind of person who smiles when you see a couple showing public display of affection? Do you like seeing people happy in general or do you frown upon it because you’re jealous?

Well, for one Mexican guy named Juan De Dios Pantoja, he’s lucky enough to have some of the best fans in the world who are not only loving the way he looks, but who he is dating.

Juan de Dios Pantoja was born on November 16th, 1995, in Mexico.

The Mazatlan, Sinaloa born and raised resident was endowed with the ability to entertain all kinds of people with his looks as well as his musical abilities and more.

In fact, he was so famous that he made women’s hearts flutter.

He has legions of followers on Instagram, as many as 1.7 million, and most of those are women, which he calls his beloved “Pantojitas,” which is super cute.

This is his ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Loaiza! That’s right… it’s his ex.

Because Juan has always managed to share everything in his life with his adoring fans, even his love life, particularly, the gorgeous women that were in his life, if only for a brief time.

You could say that his relationship with Kimberly was like a fairy tale.

She certainly has a great look and a great body too, which is like the perfect female counterpart to Juan in every way, shape, and form.

Juan didn’t just woo Kimberly, but everyone else on social media.

Just don’t call his followers, his fans, because according to him, he doesn’t have followers, he has family. Now isn’t that absolutely adorable?

He’s very charming and cute, obviously! No wonder everyone loves him.

Aside from being popular on Instagram, he’s considered one of the most important YouTubers in all of Latin America too. You can even listen to him sing. He has a great voice.

Some of his fans have actually vouched for Kimberly.

Many of them have claimed that the only girl that he looks good with is with Kim herself, but of course he doesn’t mind taking photos with other women, particularly Danik Michell.

Other fans are taking joy in the knowledge that Juan is a free agent.

Obviously, he has every right to have as many female friends or date anyone he wants without incurring the wrath of any jealous fans.

If he ever finds himself short on female companionship, he won’t have to go far.

His fans have promised to never allow him to be alone ever, so if he ever found that there wasn’t a girl in his life who could give him what he needs, he’s got over a million people to choose from.

Fans love Juan so much that they don’t mind who he’s with at the moment.

They don’t care if he’s out and about, shopping in a store, or taking a selfie inside an unkept room. They just want the whole beautiful package that Juan is offering.

Aside from being with Kim and being friends with Danik, he’s surrounded himself with other women.

He’s BFFs with Diana Estrada, but they’re more like brother and sister than anything despite the fact that fans would love to see them become an item.

Juan is almost 22 years old and has his entire life ahead of him.

For now, he’s just enjoying all the amazing things that life is offering him and savoring every moment there is, before things get a little more serious and hectic.

He has a rare ability to make women happy just by posting photos of himself.

That smile of his is enchanting, and his followers… or rather, his family gets butterflies in their stomach and goosebumps whenever they see him.

No matter who he’s with, the camera always seems to focus on him.

It’s as if he were born for the spotlight and he loves the attention too. Plus, he’s managed to do something most of us can’t, which is to “smize” even if he doesn’t realize he’s doing it.

He also has one of the kindest hearts there is in this world.

Did you know that he actually bought 100 cakes and then gave them away as a gift to random strangers simply to make people happy?

Juan even did a 2-part video called 72 hours with my ex.

He claims that despite their breakup, it was probably the best 72 hours of his life and that he had an incredible time with Kimberly. Who said you can’t just be friends?

He’s a practical joker too. He just loves to make fans laugh.

Granted, some of his videos are silly, but you can definitely get a good laugh at his fake crying in some of them. If nothing else you can stare at his beautiful face.

He loves to look at himself in mirrors, and he likes to brand himself too.

He’s got a few tattoos here and there. There’s one above his chest, and we can only imagine where the other ones might be. We’ll just leave that to your imagination.

On occasion, he’ll make our hearts flutter with his style of clothing.

He loves wearing tight jeans just to show off his chiseled body, which is simply muscular perfection, the likes you only see in Greek statues.

We don’t exactly know what led to his breakup with Kimberly, but it’s nice they stayed friends.

It’s also shocking that he’s not dating anyone at the moment. Maybe he’s just too busy taking selfies and signing autographs. He’s also well on his way to become super famous.

Some people have their bad moments when it comes to selfies.

Juan, so far, has just kept getting better and look even more handsome with each snapshot he takes and posts on social media.

He’s also very wise for his age and offers lots of words of wisdom.

In one of his Instagram posts he said that a true warrior builds a castle with all the stones that his enemies throw at him. Now why didn’t we think of that?

As Juan’s popularity continues to grow, people beyond Latin America are noticing too.

Many have called him a flatterer on social media because he’s cute and flirtatious, and they’d give anything to go out on a date with him now that he’s enjoying the single life.

Juan may have let Kim go, but fans are still having a rough time with separation anxiety.

They’re so young and life has many curves, and if we’ve seen anything, it’s that they’re still good together and amicable, so who knows if the future will bring them back together.

Despite the fact that Juan and Kimberly are no longer together, fans are still hopeful.

They keep reminding him and others that there is no one better for Juan than Kimberly and they beg him to post more videos on YouTube with her.

Source: lifebuzz


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