A Man Or A Girl? Whose Face Do You See It This Picture?

Take a look ath this double illusion.

A face on the foreground can be either male or female, depending on your personal interpretation.

What is reality? — A good question to ask.

It is what WE SEE, or what others think they see?

Reality at times is very illusive. This optical illusion is a great example of it.

The word itself (illusion) derives from “illudere” and is closely connected with the concept of hallucinations! It actually means to “mock”. It plays with your mind and allows you to see the things unseen or to miss a clear image and confuse it for something else.

The talent of an artist takes this to the new level and plays with your perception of things. So, telling reality from lie can be very hard. Psychologists create various tests to learn something new about the personalities of their patients using such tests.

Passing them helps to discover the templates form by the mind and reveal about how the personality works.

Source: wikr


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