Convicted Burglar Is Gobsmacked To See The Judge Is His School Friend

Arthur Booth, the convicted burglar was gobsmacked to see that the judge on his trial was his school friend. By the way, Mindy Glazer was the first to recognize an old pal, with whom she used to go to school and play football.

Arthur Booth, 49, was recently arrested by Florida state police. He is suspected of a series of crimes such as burglary, residual theft, dangerous driving, attempt to flee and arrest resistance. Seeng the convict, the judge Mindy Glazer unexpectedly confessed, that the man was her former high school mate. Booth, when he recognised his former classmate in the judge, could only say, “Oh, my God!” At first he repeated it with a smile, but then burst into tears.

This is what Judge Glazer said, “It’s so sad to see you here, though I always wondered what your life would be after school” Then, she adressed to the audience, “He was a very capable child in high school. I daresay, he was the best in our high school. And now look what happened to him! Good luck, Sir. I hope, you will overcome your troubles and live in agreement with the law”.

After her heart-felt speech, the judge sentenced Booth to repay $43 000 worth of damage.

I want to think that Booth will mend his ways after this meeting. By the whim of fate, his classmate turned out to be his judge, but he really believes in him!


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