10-Year-Old Girl Starts To Sing, Within Seconds Every Judge Turns For Her Sensational Voice

There are people in this world who have some truly amazing talents, and many of them began dazzling at a young age. When this girl took the microphone, no one was sure what to expect. But as soon as she started singing, the audience was amazed. You’ll never guess how young this sweet starlet is.

Daneliya Tulyeshova is a ten year old girl who lives in the Ukraine. She decided to try out on a blind audition for the local version of The Voice Kids. Daneliya wanted to showcase her talent to the world, and that is exactly what she did.

When this little girl stepped on to the stage, no one could have imagined the sound that would come from her mouth. Daneliya sang “Stone Cold” by Demi Levato. The judges were facing away from the stage when the audition began, but as soon as they heard her voice they whirled their chairs around.

When the judges finally saw the talented artist, they were absolutely shocked! Daneliya may look ten, but her voice is fully matured. They never would have expected that a kid could sound so bold in her music.

Daneliya kept singing as the judges and the audience went into complete shock. This was an extremely talented kid – they still could not believe their ears!

One by one the judges began to stand and cheer for the young star. Daneliya belted out the notes flawlessly, showing a wide range of pitch that is usually difficult for such a young girl to command.

This kid had nothing but confidence while she was on stage. She shook her head and swayed her body to the rhythm. Daneliya was clearly comfortable performing on stage.

One judge blew kisses to the starlet as she rocked the tune. Daneliya definitely made it to the next round. She ended the song with a beautiful string of chords, after which she sweetly thanked the audience in her native language.

This was not Daneliya’s first time on stage, and it won’t be her last. She previously entered a kids’ talent competition in Russia, where she won a People’s Choice Award. This girl is on the path to becoming a star, and she isn’t going to let anything stand in her way.

It is inspiring to see someone so young full of so much talent. Daneliya has countless hours of practice ahead of her, but her hard work is sure to pay off.

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