Teen Figure Skater Lands The Hardest Trick In Sport’s History To Earn A Spot At The Olympics

It is already hard enough to make any form of athletic history these days.

Making athletic history while qualifying for one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world is almost unheard of.

Nathan Chen was recently able to do just that and his routine has left the sporting world spellbound.

This story takes place at the 2018 United States National Championships.

He is all of 18 years old and this only serves to make the achievement even greater. All of the pressure that he was experiencing seemed to melt away in the moment. While most of us would be knock kneed if we had to perform in front of a crowd this size, Chen is as cool and calm as they come. It is certainly not an exaggeration to say that this kid has got ice water in his veins.

The routine that he was attempting only served to add to the degree of difficulty. If he was able to complete the routine with any sort of mistakes, he would have a spot on the Olympic team and he would also become a legend in the process. Chen’s confidence stems from the fact that he has been preparing for this moment for his entire life.

He called his shot a long time ago. Experienced figure skating viewers can certainly remember a 10 year old Chen promising the world that he was going to be present for the 2018 Olympic games. In order to achieve this goal, he was going to need to land five different quadruple jumps. There is no other skater in the sport’s history that has been able to do so.

Nathan did not have a lot of practice time before he did the routine either. He fell ill just before the competition and was robbed of any last minute rehearsals. Watching the way that he moves about the ice makes us wonder how he could ever even need practice time. The tension that lingers in the air during the routine only serves to add to our excitement.

If you would like to see this astonishing performance for yourself, we urge to click on the video below. Nathan Chen’s routine needs to be seen in order to be believed. How lucky are we to have existed at the same time as this wunderkind? We cannot wait to see how Nathan fares in the Olympics and we will be glued to the TV for the duration of his routines.


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