These 30+ Rare Historical Photos Will Leave You Speechless

Today, we know all kinds of details of our own time period because of the non-stop news coverage. But go backwards in time a bit and unless you actually lived through these past eras, some of these details will be completely new to you. Let’s face it, we probably only glossed over some of this in history class, if at all! These historical photos grant us a short and interesting look into the events and figures of a different time. For example, did you know that one of the Apollo 16 astronauts left a family photo on the moon? No joke.

1. Osama bin Laden after Judo training (right)

2. The first electronic computer ever built—ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer)

3. Construction of the Eiffel Tower

4. Charles Godefroy flying his Nieuport 11, named Bébé, through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on August 7, 1919

5. Bill and Hillary Clinton playing volleyball in Fayetteville, Arkansas, c.1975

6. Charles Duke left a picture of his family on the moon during the Apollo 16 mission

7. Albert Einstein’s report card. The grading system is from 1 (best) to 6 (worst).

8. The first photo of Hitler’s bunker after its discovery by the Allies

9. Ferdinand Porsche shows Adolf Hitler the VW Beetle

10. Stalin making a face. This unofficial photo was taken by his bodyguard.

11. A 106-year-old Armenian woman defending her home in 1990

12. Members of the French Resistance in 1944

13. The first photo taken from space of the earth. The camera was onboard a V2 rocket (1946).

14. George W. Bush is informed at an elementary school about the attacks on September 11, 2001

15. Adolf Hitler’s pants after a failed attack on the Wolf’s Lair in 1944

16. The Mona Lisa delivered back to the Louvre in 1945

17. The headquarters of the Italian fascists, Rome, 1930s

18. The Apollo 1 crew practicing landing on water

19. The only known photograph of a quagga, an extinct relative of the zebra (1870)

20. Four children for sale (1946), because their parents were too poor to feed them

21. The last public execution by guillotine (1940)

22. Albert Einstein at the ocean

23. An Austrian orphan is happy about his new shoes (1946)

24. Sweden after changing from driving on the left side to the right

25. A scene from “The Matrix” without special effects

26. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

27. The last known photo of the Titanic

28. The Hindenburg flying over Manhattan (1936)

29. The Beatles as teenagers

30. Disney employees during their lunch break

31. August Landmesser refuses to salute Hitler

32. Testing a football helmet

33. Are the swimsuits too short?

34. A couple separated by a wall. One is buried in a Protestant cemetery and the other in a Catholic cemetery

35. Barack Obama and his highschool basketball team

36. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

37. Norway celebrates the first banana to ever enter the country

38. A young Vladimir Putin (left with cap)

These unique moments show a side of past eras that isn’t taught in history class; we might only know these stories of our parents or grandparents. If you found these pics fascinating and surprising, feel free to share for the other history buffs in your newsfeed!

Source: Diply


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