Which Egg Is The Best For You? Do This Simple Test To Find Out

It’s not for nothing that eggs are a staple of the household. They’re super simple to prepare and you can make a bunch of different foods thanks to them.

But how to tell if the eggs you’re having are healthy?

Thanks to StyleCraze, we have a handy tutorial for you. Let’s begin.

1. The yolk test

There are three types of eggs: supermarket eggs, the eggs from the local market and farmer’s eggs. Buy each of these, then break them and pour the contents in a separate bowl. Now pay attention to the colors. It should look something like this:

The color of the supermarket egg should be yellow.

The color of the local market egg should be yellow as well.

But the color of the farmer’s egg should be orange.

And do you know which yolk color indicates the richest amount of nutrients? The orange one of course!

2. But why?

In short, the yolk being yellow means that the chicken who laid it is pretty healthy. Or, in other words, it came from a pasture-raised hen, and they are raised in the most natural conditions possible. Their diet is rich, balanced and healthy, and these hens get a lot of sunlight because they roam around outdoors. This means it also gets to eat what it damned pleases: worms, clickers, clover, beetles, grass and so on. That means – better nutrients and more nutrients!

Which all go – you guessed right – in your egg.

And this is backed by science. A recent study by the Pennsylvania State University found that the nutritional value of the orange ones is better than eggs with a yellow yolk. More specifically, orange yolk means more vitamins E and A, as well as more fatty acids.

3. But what if the yolk is somewhere in-between, like dark yellow or light-orange?

If it’s neither yellow, nor orange, but somewhere in-between, it’s simple. Your egg is healthier than one with a yellow yolk but less nutritious than an orange yolk one. It basically means that the hens were kept with plenty of sunlight, but didn’t get to eat as many bugs and stuff. And sometimes, the particular coloring comes from corn, which is often served to chicken.

4. But what about yellow yolk? Is it really that bad?

Well, kind of. Yellow eggs come from those nasty mass producing factories, where chicken aren’t kept healthy and mostly fed a vegan diet. No grass, no insects, just probably corn. The goal of these companies is profit, not providing you with the best egg you can have.

So, when you go shopping next time, you can make an informed choice. Healthier chickens make for healthier humans!

Source: Stylecraze


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