5 Overlooked Things About Men That Women Will Find Useful

Well, the recent past has been the equivalent of a turbulence between men and women. Both sides seem increasingly stuck in a shouting match in which each side speaks past each other. You know that meme about a point flying over someone’s head? Well, that’s what seems to be going on. It’s a shouting match!

But thanks to StyleCraze, we can try to slap a small, gentle band-aid on the gaping sore that gender wars have become. For millenia, the question that has occupied the minds of men was “What do women want?”, but let’s turn the tables a bit. Today we’ll talk about what men want, and what they don’t want, in order to help you navigate the maze a little better.

Like, this very picture annoys me!

1. Most men aren’t cut out for texting

Guys may start out strong in the texting department, filling women’s inboxes to the max, but as time goes by, it often happens that the opposite becomes the norm. One could argue this is sort of normal, seeing as even when women pursue someone they are on the texting offensive. Later, the passions subside and both partners enter a sort of rhythm. But, that being said, a cursory glance at how most people text makes it pretty apparent that most of those “K” texts come from the dudes. Which is not to say that women don’t go cold on texting either, but fellow guys – please try harder!

2. Men are usually more action-oriented

As the saying goes, pay attention to what people do, not what they say. Because actions are the true judge of character. Someone can sing you love songs all the time, but when it comes to actual sacrifice, leave you cold and ignored. Is that love? Nope. So, watch how your man actually acts. Even if his texts have been a string of Ks recently, if he buys you the occasional favorite snack, gives you those warm bear hugs, or cooks something delicious – he really cares for you. So what if he doesn’t text much when he’s at work? He IS working, you know. His mind is there. Just as his mind is with you when he gets back home. Actions. Nor merely words.

3. Men are mostly clueless when it comes to women

You know, all those stereotypes, roles, neat little boxes… It all comes down to one thing: communication. If your dude is genuinely perplexed at what it is that you want exactly, stating it clearly, verbally, will make him understand. If we want to become more equal, then it needs to start with communication too. Men should get more in tune with their feelings, and learn how to express them. But the same goes for women, too. Don’t expect your man to pick up, accurately, every nonverbal cue, a gesture or a grimace. He simply won’t, because it’s truly impossible. I’m shrugging my shoulders now. Do you really know what I mean by that? You can hazard a guess, but you’ll almost surely be wrong. So, clear communication people! Don’t shy away from your wants! Be bold about them.

4. Players of games? Takes two to tango!

If a man seems distant and cold and not really interested, try mentioning that you’re seeing someone else. It’s a nice little test to actually discover what he sees you as. If he’s happy for you, you can still be friends, even if the realization may sting a little. But if he rediscovers his interest suddenly, and actually tries winning you back, then you’re back in the game. Of course, women are like this too. It’s best not to mistake vanity and possessiveness for genuine interest. I, for one, don’t play games, but all some people know is the game. Decide which type of person you are and roll with it.

5. Trust means respecting our freedom

The reluctance of most men to commit stems from the fear of losing their freedom. In the man’s mind, their freedom to go to football games, drink out with their friends and so on isn’t in conflict with their love for you. In a way, us men just want to be trusted. If we aren’t trusted with our spare time, then good luck making us want to commit. No one wants to deal with a person who’s into micromanaging others, so relax and just give us some space. That trust will make us trust you back.

Source: stylecraze


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