20+ Original And Different Staircase Design Ideas

When you live in a small space you don’t want something that is taking up precious square footage. What you need is to use every corner wisely, even the staircase. That’s why it’s a great idea to use the staircase as a place where you will keep your books, sort of as a mini library or as a place where you can sit and hang with your dog. There are a lot of ways to add a small staircase to your home which will still be completely functional. And also you don’t need to restrict yourself to the traditional materials such as wood or stone which are quite popular. You can set your imagination free and add a modern open staircase or a grand spiral staircase in your house.

There are staircases that pull out when it’s needed and tuck back into the wall when it isn’t. You can also find or design, if you are talented and motivated enough, a ribbon staircase which is an amazing idea for a tiny space because it’s more vertical than a traditional staircase. However, it will still have wide treads and as a plus, it will create a unique focal point in your home. Also, all your guests will be amazed by something that so unique that gives the whole place a fresh artistic look.

So why not make a bold decision. Because after all the stairs in your home are more than something you use to go between levels in your home. They also make a design statement.

So, here are thirty staircase ideas, compiled by Architecturemag, that are anything but ordinary. It’s time to think out of that box.

Source: foozine
From: architecturemag


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