Who Said You Shouldn’t Be Having Fun If You’re A Grandma?! These 15 Sure Didn’t!

It’s probably difficult to imagine your grandma as a young girl, but that doesn’t mean she never was as crazy or even crazier than you are. Heck, even at a ripe old age she could still be the same underneath her mature exterior. After all, age truly is just a number and no one should be prevented from having fun if they feel young at heart. These fifteen grannies, some of them octogenarians, certainly understand that, and they are more than happy to share it with the world. Check them out, they certainly know that life is way too short not to make the most of it, and if your grandma is still alive, make sure you spend some quality time with her whenever you can and treat her like a friend – she is bound to love it!

1. Bud-Weis-Er

2. OAP Flash Mob

3. One is never too old to get on the pole

4. The definition of cheeky

5. Greedy grandma

6. I’m the Firestarter, the 100-year-old Firestarter

7. Ghetto grandma

8. Haterz gonna hate

9. Drink up, bitches!

10. Pocahontas’ great-granddaughter

11. Insta-gran putting millennials to shame

12. Even at 70 years old, she’s a sorority girl at heart

13. Who said skunks aren’t good pets?

14. The Octoberfest Princess

15. Hula Hula Girl

From: auntyacid


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